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Example of images

You can upload photos or short videos of the event from any computer. Either connect the cable from your phone (please follow the steps in your user manual) or simply Bluetooth the images directly to your laptop.

Project in association with students at
University of Brighton

Welcome to Geo-stories


Ymogen are working with Nokia and
BBC Innovation to produce Geo-Stories,
an innovative 'citizen story' project, which
explores how content (video, pictures and text) combined with location and time can most effectively be used to create crowd pulling

The first geo-stories project was trialled with the help of MA photography students at Brighton University. The students had
access to handheld Garmin GPS devices and the latest Nokia
camera phones.

The resulting Geo-stories projects, uploaded onto the gallery area, supports shared access of their multi-media stories from a variety
of perspectives and pushes the boundaries of conventional photo-diaries and story telling.