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1 Stick-slip   failure in heterogeneous sheared fault with a variety of fault roughness PHYSICS   OF THE EARTH AND PLANETARY INTERIORS Zhou,   Xiaoping,Shou, Yundong,Yang, Luhao,He, Yi 2020 3
2 Efficiency   of electrochemical extraction of chlorides in fly ash concrete using carbon   fibre mesh anode CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Hu,   Jiyue,Li, Shan,Lu, Yiyan,Zhang, Hongyuan,Zhang, Mingzhong 2020 2
3 The   boundary effects on stretch-induced membrane wrinkling THIN-WALLED   STRUCTURES Huang,   Qun,Yang, Jie,Huang, Wei,Giunta, Gaetano,Belouettar, Salim,Hu, Heng 2020 2
4 Carrot-based   covalently bonded saccharides as a new 2D material for healing defective   calcium-silicate-hydrate in cement: Integrating atomistic computational   simulation with experimental studies COMPOSITES   PART B-ENGINEERING Chi,   Yin,Huang, Bo,Saafi, Mohamed,Ye, Jianqiao,Lambert, Colin 2020 1
5 Parallelized   combined finite-discrete element (FDEM) procedure using multi-GPU with CUDA INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL AND ANALYTICAL METHODS IN GEOMECHANICS Liu,   Quansheng,Wang, Weiqin,Ma, Hao 2020 3
6 Experimental   investigation on the failure modes of grouted sleeve connections under   thermal and mechanical loads ENGINEERING   FAILURE ANALYSIS Wang,   Tan,Xu, Haoming,Yu, Min,Xu, Lihua,Ye, Jianqiao 2020 3
7 Thermal-Stress-Aperture   Coupled Model for Analyzing the Thermal Failure of Fractured Rock Mass INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF GEOMECHANICS Wu,   Zhijun,Li, Mengyi,Weng, Lei 2020 3
8 A   unified method for calculating the fire resistance of concrete-filled steel   tube with fire protection under combined loading JOURNAL   OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH Yu,   Min,Hu, Xuan,Chi, Yin,Ye, Jianqiao 2020 3
9 Influence   of heating/cooling cycles on the micro/macrocracking characteristics of   Rucheng granite under unconfined compression BULLETIN   OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT Weng,   Lei,Wu, Zhijun,Liu, Quansheng 2020 3
10 Stress   wave in monosized bead string with various water contents ADVANCED   POWDER TECHNOLOGY Wang,   Jiao,Chu, Xihua,Xiu, Chenxi,Jiang, Qinghui 2020 2
11 Size   effect of square steel tube and sandwiched concrete jacketed circular RC   columns under axial compression JOURNAL   OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH Zhao,   Xiaobo,Liang, Hongjun,Lu, Yiyan,Zhao, Pengtuan 2020 3
12 Analytical   Solutions for Deep-Buried Lined Tunnels Considering Longitudinal   Discontinuous Excavation in Rheological Rock Mass JOURNAL   OF ENGINEERING MECHANICS Chu,   Zhaofei,Wu, Zhijun,Liu, Quansheng,Liu, Baoguo 2020 3
13 Controlled   fabrication of gold nanotip arrays by nanomolding-necking technology NANOTECHNOLOGY Han,   Guoxing,Wu, Yupeng,Yan, Weidong,Shui, Langquan,Jia, Xiangzheng,Gao,   Enlai,Jiang, Minqiang,Liu, Ze 2020 2
14 A   micromechanics-based micromorphic model for granular materials and prediction   on dispersion behaviors GRANULAR   MATTER Xiu,   Chenxi,Chu, Xihua,Wang, Jiao,Wu, Wenping,Duan, Qinglin 2020 3
15 Digital   voxel-based fracture extraction: Insights to characterization of single   fracture flow and anisotropy permeability JOURNAL   OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Zhao,   Zhi,Zhou, Xiao-Ping 2020 2
16 High   concentration of Mn2+ has multiple influences on aerobic granular sludge for   aniline wastewater treatment CHEMOSPHERE Jiang,   Yu,Shang, Yu,Gong, Tengjing,Hu, Zixin,Yang, Kai,Shao, Senlin 2020 2
17 Deformation   behaviors of gradient nanostructured superelastic NiTi shape memory alloy MATERIALS   SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A-STRUCTURAL MATERIALS PROPERTIES MICROSTRUCTURE AND   PROCESSING Huang,   Kai,Sun, Qingping,Yu, Chao,Yin, Hao 2020 2
18 Hydraulic   fracturing in transversely isotropic tight sandstone reservoirs: A numerical   study based on bonded-particle model approach JOURNAL   OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY Zhang,   Qi,Zhang, Xiao-Ping,Sun, Wei 2020 3
19 Novel   pectin based composite hydrogel derived from grapefruit peel for enhanced   Cu(II) removal JOURNAL   OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Zhang,   Wei,Song, Jianyang,He, Qiulai,Wang, Hongyu,Lyu, Wanlin,Feng, Huijuan,Xiong,   Wenqi,Guo, Wenbin,Wu, Jing,Chen, Ling 2020 1
20 Three-Dimensional   Stability Analysis of Bank Slopes with Reservoir Drawdown Based on Rigorous   Limit Equilibrium Method INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF GEOMECHANICS Zhou,   Xiao-Ping,Wei, Xiong,Liu, Chao,Cheng, Hao 2020 3
21 Novel   talc encapsulated lanthanum alginate hydrogel for efficient phosphate   adsorption and fixation CHEMOSPHERE Wang,   Bin,Zhang, Wei,Li, Lu,Guo, Wenbin,Xing, Jie,Wang, Hongyu,Hu, Xiaoling,Lyu,   Wanlin,Chen, Rongfan,Song, Jianyang,Chen, Ling,Hong, Zhenzhen 2020 2
22 A   pilot-scale study on the treatment of landfill leachate by a composite   biological system under low dissolved oxygen conditions: Performance and   microbial community BIORESOURCE   TECHNOLOGY Song,   Jianyang,Zhang, Wei,Gao, Junfeng,Hu, Xiaoling,Zhang, Chenlu,He, Qiulai,Yang,   Fei,Wang, Hongyu,Wang, Xueyu,Zhan, Xiang 2020 1
23 Effects   of grain size on fatigue crack growth behaviors of nanocrystalline   superelastic NiTi shape memory alloys ACTA   MATERIALIA Chen,   Junyu,Yin, Hao,Sun, Qingping 2020 1
24 In   situ multi-field investigation of grain size effects on the rate-dependent   thermomechanical responses of polycrystalline superelastic NiTi MATERIALS   LETTERS Chen,   Junyu,Wu, Yupeng,Yin, Hao 2020 3
25 Effects   of stress paths on triaxial compression mechanical properties of QH-E lunar   soil simulant studied by DEM simulation GRANULAR   MATTER Li,   Yunli,Wu, Wenping,Chu, Xihua,Zou, Weilie 2020 3
26 Changing   variables in Taylor series with applications to PDEs ENGINEERING   ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS Yang,   Jie,Koutsawa, Yao,Potier-Ferry, Michel,Hu, Heng 2020 3
27 Identifying   and prioritizing factors affecting in-cabin passenger comfort on high-speed   rail in China: A fuzzy-based linguistic approach APPLIED   SOFT COMPUTING Chen,   Zhen-Song,Liu, Xiao-Lu,Rodriguez, Rosa M.,Wang, Xian-Jia,Chin,   Kwai-Sang,Tsui, Kwok-Leung,Martinez, Luis 2020 2
28 Abnormal   size effect of particle breakage probability under repeated impacts POWDER   TECHNOLOGY Sun,   Hanqing,Zeng, Yawu,Ye, Yang,Chen, Xi,Zeng, Tiancheng 2020 2
29 Global   sensitivity analysis of solid oxide fuel cells with Bayesian sparse   polynomial chaos expansions APPLIED   ENERGY Shao,   Qian,Gao, Enlai,Mara, Thierry,Hu, Heng,Liu, Tong,Makradi, Ahmed 2020 1
30 Time-dependent   crack development processes around underground excavations TUNNELLING   AND UNDERGROUND SPACE TECHNOLOGY Deng,   Penghai,Liu, Quansheng,Ma, Hao,He, Fan,Liu, Qi 2020 2
31 Joining   mechanism of bulk metallic glasses in their supercooled liquid region JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY Peng,   Qi,Xie, Yiling,Zhu, Bo,Chen, Wen,Schroers, Jan,Chen, Mingxiang,Liu, Ze 2020 2
32 Experimental   study and DEM modelling of bolted composite lap joints subjected to tension COMPOSITES   PART B-ENGINEERING Yu,   Min,Yang, Biying,Chi, Yin,Xie, Jiaxin,Ye, Jianqiao 2020 1
33 A   hybrid FEMM-Phase field method for fluid-driven fracture propagation in three   dimension ENGINEERING   ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS Sun,   Yuan,Liu, Zhiyuan,Tang, Xuhai 2020 3
34 Balancing   herding and congestion in service systems: a queueing perspective INFOR Zhang,   Hao,He, Qi-Ming,Zhao, Xiaobo 2020 4
35 An   energy-based criterion of crack branching and its application on the   multidimensional space method INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF SOLIDS AND STRUCTURES Cheng,   Hao,Zhou, Xiaoping 2020 3
36 A   combination of membrane relaxation and shear stress significantly improve the   flux of gravity-driven membrane system WATER   RESEARCH Shi,   Danting,Liu, Yang,Fu, Wenwen,Li, Jiangyun,Fang, Zheng,Shao, Senlin 2020 1
37 An   experimental study of the mechanism of coal and gas outbursts in the tectonic   regions ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Pan,   Xiaokang,Cheng, Hao,Chen, Jie,Zhou, Xiaoping 2020 2
38 Effect   of basalt fiber inclusion on the mechanical properties and microstructure of   cement-solidified kaolinite CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Wang,   Dongxing,Wang, Hongwei,Larsson, Stefan,Benzerzour, Mahfoud,Maherzi,   Walid,Amar, Mouhamadou 2020 2
39 Computational   Study on Strain-Engineered Graphene Nanopores for Selective Gas Separation ACS   APPLIED NANO MATERIALS Gao,   Enlai,Zhang, Chunbo,Zhou, Ke,Wei, Ning 2020
40 Bid   evaluation in civil construction under uncertainty: A two-stage LSP-ELECTRE   III-based approach ENGINEERING   APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Chen,   Zhen-Song,Zhang, Xuan,Pedrycz, Witold,Wang, Xian-Jia,Skibniewski, Miroslaw J. 2020 2
41 A   Theoretical Study of Estimating the Elastic Responses of Framed   Self-Centering Wall Structures under Lateral Loading KSCE   JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Hu,   Xiaobin,Lu, Chen,Zhu, Xiaoqing,Xie, Xiangdong 2020 4
42 Effects   of freeze-thaw cycles on the moisture sensitivity of a compacted clay ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Zou,   Wei-lie,Ding, Lu-qiang,Han, Zhong,Wang, Xie-qun 2020 2
43 Strength   properties and associated mechanisms of magnesium oxychloride   cement-solidified urban river sludge CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Wang,   Dongxing,Di, Shengjie,Gao, Xiangyun,Wang, Ruihong,Chen, Zhengguang 2020 2
44 A   coupled thermomechanical nonordinary state-based peridynamics for thermally   induced cracking of rocks FATIGUE   & FRACTURE OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS & STRUCTURES Shou,   Yundong,Zhou, Xiaoping 2020 3
45 Investigation   on waterproof mechanism and micro-structure of cement mortar incorporated   with silicane CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Li,   Faping,Liu, Lisheng,Liu, Ke,Zheng, Aohan,Liu, Jiesheng 2020 2
46 A   new method for fabrication and electrical characterization of nanosized   molten metals NANOTECHNOLOGY Liu,   Ze 2020 2
47 Predicted   Confinement-Enhanced Stability and Extraordinary Mechanical Properties for   Carbon Nanotube Wrapped Chains of Linear Carbon ACS   NANO Gao,   Enlai,Li, Ruishan,Baughman, Ray H. 2020 1
48 Analysis   of experimental data on the effect of fire source elevation on fire and smoke   dynamics and the critical velocity in a tunnel with longitudinal ventilation FIRE   SAFETY JOURNAL Liu,   Yuanjun,Fang, Zheng,Tang, Zhi,Beji, Tarek,Merci, Bart 2020 4
49 UV-assisted   chlorination of algae-laden water: Cell lysis and disinfection byproducts   formation CHEMICAL   ENGINEERING JOURNAL Chen,   Yiqun,Bai, Fan,Li, Zhengyong,Xie, Pengchao,Wang, Zongping,Feng, Xiaonan,Liu,   Zizheng,Huang, Li-Zhi 2020 1
50 M-VCUT   level set method for optimizing cellular structures COMPUTER   METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING Liu,   Hui,Zong, Hongming,Shi, Tielin,Xia, Qi 2020 2
51 Robust   and reproducible fabrication of large area aluminum (Al) micro/nanorods   arrays by superplastic nanomolding at room temperature APPLIED   PHYSICS EXPRESS Xu,   Lihan,Shui, Langquan,Zhang, Yujie,Peng, Qi,Xue, Longjian,Liu, Ze 2020 3
52 Experimental   and numerical investigation on nonlinear flow behaviour through three   dimensional fracture intersections and fracture networks COMPUTERS   AND GEOTECHNICS Xiong,   Feng,Wei, Wei,Xu, Chaoshui,Jiang, Qinghui 2020 2
53 Project   Management Personnel Turnover in Public Sector Construction Organizations in   China JOURNAL   OF MANAGEMENT IN ENGINEERING Wang,   Yang,Hu, Ning,Zuo, Jian,Rameezdeen, Raufdeen 2020 3
54 Behavior   of steel tube columns filled with steel-fiber-reinforced self-stressing   recycled aggregate concrete under axial compression THIN-WALLED   STRUCTURES Liu,   Zhenzhen,Lu, Yiyan,Li, Shan,Yi, Si 2020 2
55 3D   size and shape characterization of natural sand particles using 2D image   analysis ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Xie,   Wei-Qiang,Zhang, Xiao-Ping,Yang, Xin-Mei,Liu, Quan-Sheng,Tang, Shao-Hui,Tu,   Xin-Bin 2020 2
56 Received   vs. given: Willingness to pay for sponge city program from a perceived value   perspective JOURNAL   OF CLEANER PRODUCTION Wang,   Yang,Liu, Xuan,Huang, Miansong,Zuo, Jian,Rameezdeen, Raufdeen 2020 1
57 Bio-inspired   self-folding strategy to break the trade-off between strength and ductility   in carbon-nanoarchitected materials NPJ   COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS Jia,   Xiangzheng,Liu, Ze,Gao, Enlai 2020 1
58 Influence   of the vent pipe diameter on the discharge capacity of a circuit vent   building drainage system BUILDING   SERVICES ENGINEERING RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY Guan,   Yuxi,Fang, Zheng,Tang, Zhi,Yuan, Jianping 2020 4
59 Microseismic   Monitoring to Characterize Structure-Type Rockbursts: A Case Study of a   TBM-Excavated Tunnel ROCK   MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING Liu,   Quan-Sheng,Wu, Jian,Zhang, Xiao-Ping,Tang, Lie-Xian,Bi, Chen,Li, Wei-Wei,Xu,   Jin-Lin 2020 2
60 An   early warning system integrating time-of-failure analysis and alert procedure   for slope failures ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Chen,   Mingxi,Jiang, Qinghui 2020 2
61 Study   of interaction mechanisms between multiple parallel weak planes and hydraulic   fracture using the bonded-particle model based on moment tensors JOURNAL   OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Zhang,   Qi,Zhang, Xiao-Ping,Ji, Pei-Qi,Zhang, Han,Tang, Xuhai,Wu, Zhijun 2020 2
62 Ways   to improve the project management efficiency in a centralized public   procurement system A structural equation modeling approach ENGINEERING   CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURAL MANAGEMENT Wang,   Yang,Liu, Jing,Zuo, Jian,Rameezdeen, Raufdeen 2020 4
63 The   influences of heating and uniaxial loading on granite subjected to liquid   nitrogen cooling ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Shao,   Zuliang,Wang, Yong,Tang, Xuhai 2020 2
64 Theoretical   model of caustics method for the interfacial cracks ENGINEERING   FRACTURE MECHANICS Yuan,   Yanan,Zhang, Qiang,Sheng, Can,Zhang, Zuoqi 2020 3
65 A   Potential High-Throughput Route to Collagen-Mimicked Carbon Nanotube Fiber   via Domino Pushing and Ion Bombardment JOURNAL   OF APPLIED MECHANICS-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME Yin,   Qifang,Geng, Kun,Yuan, Yanan,Zhang, Zuoqi 2020 3
66 Crayfish   shell biochar modified with magnesium chloride and its effect on lead removal   in aqueous solution ENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH Zhang,   Jiaqi,Hu, Xiaolan,Yan, Jinpeng,Long, Li,Xue, Yingwen 2020 3
67 Poisson's   ratio of two-dimensional hexagonal crystals: A mechanics model study EXTREME   MECHANICS LETTERS Zhang,   Chunbo,Wei, Ning,Gao, Enlai,Sun, Qingping 2020 2
68 Stability   analysis of flawed rock slope by using virtual-bond-based general particles   dynamics THEORETICAL   AND APPLIED FRACTURE MECHANICS Li,   Zheng,Shou, Yundong,Zhang, Xiaoqiang,Chen, Lichuan,Berto, Filippo 2020 3
69 Deterioration   of dynamic mechanical properties of granite due to freeze-thaw weathering:   Considering the effects of moisture conditions COLD   REGIONS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Weng,   Lei,Wu, Zhijun,Taheri, Abbas,Liu, Quansheng,Lu, Huai 2020 3
70 Dynamic   Mechanical Properties of Dry and Water-Saturated Siltstones Under Sub-Zero   Temperatures ROCK   MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING Weng,   Lei,Wu, Zhijun,Liu, Quansheng 2020 2
71 Numerical   and experimental investigation of saturated transverse permeability of 2D   woven glass fabrics based on material twins POLYMER   COMPOSITES Huang,   Wei,Causse, Philippe,Hu, Heng,Trochu, Francois 2020 3
72 An   efficient algorithm for architecture design of Bayesian neural network in   structural model updating COMPUTER-AIDED   CIVIL AND INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING Yin,   Tao,Zhu, Hong-Ping 2020 1
73 Compressive   and flexural properties of ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced   cementitious composite: The effect of coarse aggregate COMPOSITE   STRUCTURES Wu,   Fanghong,Xu, Lihua,Chi, Yin,Zeng, Yanqin,Deng, Fangqian,Chen, Qian 2020 2
74 1-D   compressibility behaviour of cement-lime stabilized soft clays EUROPEAN   JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND CIVIL ENGINEERING Wang,   Dongxing,Korkiala-Tanttu, Leena 2020 4
75 Dependency   of single-particle crushing patterns on discretization using peridynamics POWDER   TECHNOLOGY Wan,   Ji,Chen, Zhuang,Chu, Xihua,Liu, Hui 2020 2
76 Failure   simulation and design optimization of bioinspired heterogeneous interfaces by   Floquet-based bar-spring model COMPOSITE   STRUCTURES Geng,   Kun,Xie, Wen,Chen, Bin,Yin, Qifang,Yuan, Yanan,Zhang, Zuoqi 2020 2
77 Probabilistic   Seismic Resilience-Based Cost-Benefit Analysis for Bridge Retrofit Assessment ARABIAN   JOURNAL FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Fu,   Zhijun,Gao, Rui,Li, Yiming 2020 3
78 A   micromorphic elastoplastic model and finite element simulation on failure   behaviors of granular materials INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL AND ANALYTICAL METHODS IN GEOMECHANICS Xiu,   Chenxi,Chu, Xihua 2020 3
79 Measuring   the radial elasticity of carbon nanotube yarns CARBON Gao,   Enlai 2020 1
80 Aerobic   granular sludge shows enhanced resistances to the long-term toxicity of   Cu(II) CHEMOSPHERE Jiang,   Yu,Liu, Yang,Zhang, Huining,Yang, Kai,Li, Jiangyun,Shao, Senlin 2020 2
81 Numerical   analysis of material modeling rock reinforcement in 2D FDEM and parameter   study COMPUTERS   AND GEOTECHNICS Wang,   Weiqin,Liu, Quansheng,Ma, Hao,Lu, Haifeng,Wang, Zhongwei 2020 2
82 Comparison   between reactive MgO- and Na2SO4-activated low-calcium fly ash-solidified   soils dredged from East Lake, China MARINE   GEORESOURCES & GEOTECHNOLOGY Wang,   Dongxing,Wang, Ruihong,Benzerzour, Mahfoud,Wang, Hongwei,Abriak, Nor-Edine 2020 4
83 Heterogeneous   magnetic micropillars for regulated bending actuation EXTREME   MECHANICS LETTERS Wang,   Zhengzhi,Wang, Kun,Tang, Xuhai 2020 2
84 Investigation   of the Anisotropic Characteristics of Layered Rocks under Uniaxial   Compression Based on the 3D Printing Technology and the Combined   Finite-Discrete Element Method ADVANCES   IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING He,   Fan,Liu, Quansheng,Deng, Penghai 2020 4
85 Experimental   behaviour of stainless steel plate girders under combined bending and shear JOURNAL   OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH Chen,   X. W.,Yuan, H. X.,Real, E.,Du, X. X.,Schafer, B. W. 2020 3
86 Co-Integration-Based   Compensation Technique for Dynamic Load Effects on the Electro-mechanical   Impedance Method JOURNAL   OF VIBRATION AND ACOUSTICS-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME Jie,   Xiaoluo,Qu, Wenzhong,Xiao, Li,Lu, Ye 2020 3
87 Simulation   of thermal cracking in anisotropic shale formations using the combined   finite-discrete element method COMPUTERS   AND GEOTECHNICS Sun,   Lei,Liu, Quansheng,Grasselli, Giovanni,Tang, Xuhai 2020 2
88 Removal   of lead from acidic wastewater by bio-mineralized bacteria with pH   self-regulation CHEMOSPHERE Zhang,   Kejing,Xue, Yingwen,Zhang, Jiaqi,Hu, Xiaolan 2020 2
89 Experimental   investigation on fiexural properties of directional steel fiber reinforced   rubberized concrete STRUCTURES Liu,   Ruyan,Li, Hui,Jiang, Qinghui,Meng, Xiaoyu 2020 4
90 Molecular   dynamics study of fatigue mechanical properties and microstructural evolution   of Ni-based single crystal superalloys under cyclic loading COMPUTATIONAL   MATERIALS SCIENCE Chen,   Bin,Wu, Wen-Ping,Chen, Ming-Xiang,Guo, Ya-Fang 2020 3
91 Biofouling   layer maintains low hydraulic resistances and high ammonia removal in the UF   process operated at low flux JOURNAL   OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE Shao,   Senlin,Li, Yueqi,Jin, Tianci,Liu, Wushuang,Shi, Danting,Wang, Jun,Wang,   Yi,Jiang, Yu,Li, Jiangyun,Li, Hui 2020 1
92 Persulfate   activation by two-dimensional MoS2 confining single Fe atoms: Performance,   mechanism and DFT calculations JOURNAL   OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Huang,   Li-Zhi,Zhou, Chu,Shen, Miaolong,Gao, Enlai,Zhang, Chunbo,Hu, Xin-Ming,Chen,   Yiqun,Xue, Yingwen,Liu, Zizheng 2020 1
93 Thermal   cracking simulation of functionally graded materials using the combined   finite-discrete element method COMPUTATIONAL   PARTICLE MECHANICS Sun,   Lei,Grasselli, Giovanni,Liu, Quansheng,Tang, Xuhai 2020 4
94 Flexural   behavior of steel fiber reinforced self-stressing recycled aggregate   concrete-filled steel tube JOURNAL   OF CLEANER PRODUCTION Liu,   Zhenzhen,Lu, Yiyan,Li, Shan,Zong, Shuai,Yi, Si 2020 1
95 Characterizing   hydro-mechanical behaviours of compacted subgrade soils considering effects   of freeze-thaw cycles TRANSPORTATION   GEOTECHNICS Ding,   Lu-qiang,Han, Zhong,Zou, Wei-lie,Wang, Xie-qun 2020 3
96 High-performance   phosphorene electromechanical actuators NPJ   COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS Wu,   Bozhao,Deng, Hui-Xiong,Jia, Xiangzheng,Shui, Langquan,Gao, Enlai,Liu, Ze 2020 1
97 Experimental   Study of the Mechanism of TBM Disk Cutter Penetration in Mixed-Faced Grounds   under Confining Pressure JOURNAL   OF TESTING AND EVALUATION Zhou,   X. P.,Zhai, S. F.,Gong, Q. M.,Berto, F. 2020 4
98 Membrane   fouling in a powdered activated carbon - membrane bioreactor (PAC-MBR) for   micro-polluted water purification: Fouling characteristics and the roles of   PAC JOURNAL   OF CLEANER PRODUCTION Jiang,   Yu,Liu, Yang,Shi, Danting,Fu, Wenwen,Sun, Peng-Fei,Li, Jiangyun,Shao, Senlin 2020 1
99 Strength,   Permeability, and Micromechanisms of Industrial Residue Magnesium Oxychloride   Cement Solidified Slurry INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF GEOMECHANICS Wang,   Dongxing,Benzerzour, Mahfoud,Hu, Xu,Huang, Bin,Chen, Zhengguang,Xu, Xueyong 2020 3
100 Experimental   study on fire resistance of precast concrete columns with efficient   reinforcement ENGINEERING   STRUCTURES Xu,   Haoming,Yu, Min,Xue, Congcong,Xu, Lihua,Ye, Jianqiao 2020 3
101 Study   of interaction mechanisms between hydraulic fracture and weak plane with   different strengths and widths using the bonded-particle model based on   moment tensors ENGINEERING   FRACTURE MECHANICS Zhang,   Qi,Zhang, Xiao-Ping,Zhang, Han,Ji, Pei-Qi,Wu, Shunchuan,Peng, Jun 2020 3
102 Compressive   damage mode manipulation of fiber-reinforced polymer composites ENGINEERING   FRACTURE MECHANICS Yuan,   Yanan,Niu, Kangmin,Zhang, Zuoqi 2020 3
103 Axial   behaviour of slender concrete-filled steel tube square columns strengthened   with square concrete-filled steel tube jackets ADVANCES   IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Zhu,   Tao,Liang, Hongjun,Lu, Yiyan,Li, Weijie,Zhang, Hong 2020 4
104 Trefftz   Methods and Taylor Series ARCHIVES   OF COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING Yang,   Jie,Potier-Ferry, Michel,Akpama, Koffi,Hu, Heng,Koutsawa, Yao,Tian,   Haitao,Zeze, Djedje Sylvain 2020 2
105 Initial   stiffness and plastic resistance of bolted stainless steel T-stubs in tension JOURNAL   OF CONSTRUCTIONAL STEEL RESEARCH Yuan,   H. X.,Gao, J. D.,Theofanous, M.,Yang, L.,Schafer, B. W. 2020 3
106 Biodegradable   chitosan-ethylene glycol hydrogel effectively adsorbs nitrate in water ENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH Chen,   Changhong,Guo, Yiwei,Long, Li,Chen, Keyan,Hu, Xiaolan,Xue, Yingwen 2020 3
107 Hybrid   Magnetic Micropillar Arrays for Programmable Actuation ADVANCED   MATERIALS Wang   Zhengzhi,Wang Kun,Liang Deshan,Yan Linhai,Ni Ke,Huang Houbing,Li Bei,Guo   Zhiwei,Wang Junsheng,Ma Xingqiao,Tang Xuhai,Chen Long-Qing 2020 1
108 Data-driven   multiscale finite element method: From concurrence to separation COMPUTER   METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING Xu,   Rui,Yang, Jie,Yan, Wei,Huang, Qun,Giunta, Gaetano,Belouettar, Salim,Zahrouni,   Hamid,Ben Zineb, Tarak,Hu, Heng 2020 2
109 Control   of organic and surfactant fouling using dynamic membranes in the separation   of oil-in-water emulsions JOURNAL   OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE Shao,   Senlin,Liu, Yang,Shi, Danting,Qing, Weihua,Fu, Wenwen,Li, Jiangyun,Fang,   Zheng,Chen, Yiqun 2020 2
110 Spatio-temporally   modulated composite metamaterials by using switchable mesostructural topology COMPOSITE   STRUCTURES Shui,   Langquan,Guo, Jiaojiao,Gao, Enlai,Liu, Ze 2020 2
111 Comparison   of Performance in a Bioelectrochemical System for Simultaneous   Denitrification and Vanadate (V) Removal Using Hydrogen as the Sole Electron   Donor GEOMICROBIOLOGY   JOURNAL Wang,   Hongyu,Wang, Jing,Zhang, Wei,Hu, Xiaoling,Lv, Wanling 2020 4
112 Influence   of installation of S-shaped pipe offset on the water flow capacity of double   stack drainage system in a high-rise building BUILDING   SERVICES ENGINEERING RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY Guan,   Yuxi,Fang, Zheng,Yuan, Jianping,Tang, Zhi 2020 4
113 Sensitivity   analysis of segmentation techniques and voxel resolution on rock physical   properties by X-ray imaging JOURNAL   OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY Shou,   Y. D.,Zhao, Z.,Zhou, X. P. 2020 3
114 Supershear   Rupture Under Hydrostatic Pressure Condition STRENGTH   OF MATERIALS Cheng,   H.,Zhou, X. P.,Bi, J.,Berto, F. 2020 4
115 A   GPU-based numerical manifold method for modeling the formation of the   excavation damaged zone in deep rock tunnels COMPUTERS   AND GEOTECHNICS Liu,   Quanshen,Xu, Xiangyu,Wu, Zhijun 2020 2
116 Investigating   the softening of weak interlayers during landslides using nanoindentation   experiments and simulations ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Xu,   Jingjing,Tang, Xuhai,Wang, Zhengzhi,Feng, Yufei,Bian, Kang 2020 2
117 Study   of microstructure effect on the nonlinear mechanical behavior and failure   process of rock using an image-based-FDEM model COMPUTERS   AND GEOTECHNICS Wu,   Zhijun,Ji, Xunkai,Liu, Quansheng,Fan, Lifeng 2020 2
118 Aspect   ratio-dependent nanoindentation behavior of Cu64Zr36 metallic glass   nanopillars investigated by molecular dynamics simulations JOURNAL   OF APPLIED PHYSICS Wu,   Wen-Ping,Sopu, D.,Yuan, X.,Eckert, J. 2020 3
119 Full-scale   linear cutting tests to check and modify a widely used semi-theoretical model   for disc cutter cutting force prediction ACTA   GEOTECHNICA Pan,   Yucong,Liu, Quansheng,Liu, Qi,Liu, Jianping,Peng, Xingxin,Huang, Xing,Wei,   Mingbao 2020 2
120 Design   of welded stainless steel I-shaped members subjected to shear THIN-WALLED   STRUCTURES Chen,   X. W.,Real, E.,Yuan, H. X.,Du, X. X. 2020 2
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