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序号 题目 期刊 作者 出版年 大类分区
1 A   size-dependent viscoelastic normal contact model for particle collision INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF IMPACT ENGINEERING Ye,   Yang; Zeng, Yawu 2017 2
2 The   effect of random porosity field on supercritical carbonation of cement-based   materials CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Yu,   Min; Bao, Hao; Ye, Jianqiao; Chi, Yin 2017 2
3 Nonlinear   Lamb wave based DORT method for detection of fatigue cracks NDT   & E INTERNATIONAL Zhou,   Junyu; Xiao, Li; Qu, Wenzhong; Lu, Ye 2017 3
4 Passive   detection and localization of fatigue cracking in aluminum plates using   Green's function reconstruction from ambient noise ULTRASONICS Yang,   Yang; Xiao, Li; Qu, Wenzhong; Lu, Ye 2017 3
5 Heterogeneity   of particle assemblies and discrete element simulation on its mechanical   behaviors POWDER   TECHNOLOGY Wang,   Jiao; Chu, Xihua 2017 2
6 The   role of non-coaxiality in the simulation of strain localization based on   classical and Cosserat continua INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL AND ANALYTICAL METHODS IN GEOMECHANICS Chang,   J.; Chu, X.; Xu, Y. 2017 3
7 Damage   detection of fatigue cracks under nonlinear boundary condition using   subharmonic resonance ULTRASONICS Zhang,   Mengyang; Xiao, Li; Qu, Wenzhong; Lu, Ye 2017 3
8 Application   of subharmonic resonance for the detection of bolted joint looseness NONLINEAR   DYNAMICS Zhang,   Mengyang; Shen, Yanfeng; Xiao, Li; Qu, Wenzhong 2017 2
9 Pulverization   of end-of-life tires by ultra-high pressure water jet process JOURNAL   OF POLYMER ENGINEERING Wang,   Zefeng; Kang, Yong; Wang, Zhao 2017 4
10 Implementation   of a Time-Domain Random-Walk Method into a Discrete Element Method to   Simulate Nuclide Transport in Fractured Rock Masses GEOFLUIDS Wu,   Yuexiu; Liu, Quansheng; Chan, Andrew H. C.; Liu, Hongyuan 2017 3
11 Acoustic   emission characteristics of the rock-like material containing a single flaw   under different compressive loading rates COMPUTERS   AND GEOTECHNICS Zhang,   Xiao-ping; Zhang, Qi; Wu, Shunchuan 2017 3
12 Numerical   simulation of the influence of particle shape on the mechanical properties of   rockfill materials ENGINEERING   COMPUTATIONS Han,   Hongxing; Chen, Wei; Huang, Bin; Fu, Xudong 2017 4
13 Model   tests on bearing capacity and accumulated settlement of a single pile in   simulated soft rock under axial cyclic loading GEOMECHANICS   AND ENGINEERING Zhang,   Benjiao; Mei, Can; Huang, Bin; Fu, Xudong; Luo, Gang; Lv, Bu 2017 4
14 Nano-mechanical   behavior of the interfacial transition zone between steel-polypropylene fiber   and cement paste CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Xu,   Lihua; Deng, Fangqian; Chi, Yin 2017 2
15 Micro-mechanical   modeling of the macro-mechanical response and fracture behavior of rock using   the numerical manifold method ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Wu,   Zhijun; Fan, Lifeng; Liu, Quansheng; Ma, Guowei 2017 3
16 Vibration-based   damage detection for structural connections using incomplete modal data by   Bayesian approach and model reduction technique ENGINEERING   STRUCTURES Yin,   Tao; Jiang, Qing-Hui; Yuen, Ka-Veng 2017 3
17 Hierarchical   MoS2 nanosheets on flexible carbon felt as an efficient flow-through   electrode for dechlorination ENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE-NANO Huang,   Li-Zhi; Pedersen, Steen Uttrup; Bjerglund, Emil Tveden; Lamagni, Paolo;   Glasius, Marianne; Hansen, Hans Christian Bruun; Daasbjerg, Kim 2017 1
18 Taylor   meshless method for solving non-linear partial differential equations JOURNAL   OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS Yang,   Jie; Hu, Heng; Koutsawa, Yao; Potier-Ferry, Michel 2017 2
19 A   robust Riks-like path following method for strain-actuated snap-through   phenomena in soft solids COMPUTER   METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING Liu,   Yin; Liang, Shenyang; Huang, Qun; Hu, Heng; Zheng, Yonggang; Zhang, Hongwu;   Shao, Qian 2017 2
20 Solving   large-scale problems by Taylor Meshless method INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING Yang,   Jie; Hu, Heng; Potier-Ferry, Michel 2017 3
21 A   Fourier-related double scale analysis on the instability phenomena of   sandwich plates COMPUTER   METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING Huang,   Qun; Liu, Yin; Hu, Heng; Shao, Qian; Yu, Kun; Giunta, Gaetano; Belouettar,   Salim; Potier-Ferry, Michel 2017 2
22 A   two-dimensional Fourier-series finite element for wrinkling analysis of thin   films on compliant substrates THIN-WALLED   STRUCTURES Huang,   Qun; Xu, Rui; Liu, Yin; Hu, Heng; Giunta, Gaetano; Belouettar, Salim;   Potier-Ferry, Michel 2017 3
23 A   new Fourier-related double scale analysis for wrinkling analysis of thin   films on compliant substrates COMPOSITE   STRUCTURES Huang,   Qun; Yang, Jie; Huang, Wei; Liu, Yin; Hu, Heng; Giunta, Gaetano; Belouettar,   Salim 2017 2
24 Bayesian   sparse polynomial chaos expansion for global sensitivity analysis COMPUTER   METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING Shao,   Qian; Younes, Anis; Fahs, Marwan; Mara, Thierry A. 2017 2
25 Performance   of a circular cylinder piezoelectric wind energy harvester fitted with a   splitter plate APPLIED   PHYSICS LETTERS Song,   Jie; Hu, Gang; Tse, K. T.; Li, S. W.; Kwok, K. C. S. 2017 2
26 One-step   fabrication of crystalline metal nanostructures by direct nanoimprinting   below melting temperatures NATURE   COMMUNICATIONS Liu,   Ze 2017 2
27 An   efficient multiscale computational formulation for geometric nonlinear   analysis of heterogeneous piezoelectric composite COMPOSITE   STRUCTURES Fu,   Ping; Liu, Hui; Chu, Xihua 2017 2
28 Magnetically   actuated functional gradient nanocomposites for strong and ultra-durable   biomimetic interfaces/surfaces MATERIALS   HORIZONS Wang,   Zhengzhi; Shi, Xiaoming; Huang, Houbing; Yao, Chenmin; Xie, Wen; Huang, Cui;   Gu, Ping; Ma, Xingqiao; Zhang, Zuoqi; Chen, Long-Qing 2017 1
29 An   anisotropic micromechanical model for calculation of effective elastic moduli   of Ni-based single crystal superalloys SCIENCE   CHINA-TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES Li,   ShuangYu; Wu, WenPing; Li, Yun; Chen, MingXiang 2017 3
30 An   equivalent continuum multiscale formulation for 2D geometrical nonlinear   analysis of lattice truss structure COMPOSITE   STRUCTURES Liu,   Hui; Lv, Jun 2017 2
31 Molecular   dynamics study on the grain size, temperature, and stress dependence of creep   behavior in nanocrystalline nickel JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS SCIENCE Nie,   Kai; Wu, Wen-Ping; Zhang, Xian-Long; Yang, Shu-Mei 2017 3
32 Application   of the high-frequency base balance technique to tall slender structures   considering the effects of higher modes ENGINEERING   STRUCTURES Zou,   Lianghao; Shi, Tianyi; Song, Jie; Cai, C. S. 2017 3
33 Compressibility   and strength behavior of marine soils solidified with MgO-A green and low   carbon binder MARINE   GEORESOURCES & GEOTECHNOLOGY Wang,   Dongxing; Wang, Hongwei; Wang, Xiequn 2017 4
34 Dredged   marine sediments used as novel supply of filling materials for road   construction MARINE   GEORESOURCES & GEOTECHNOLOGY Wang,   Dongxing; Abriak, Nor Edine; Zentar, Rachid 2017 4
35 A   numerical study on cracking processes in limestone by the b-value analysis of   acoustic emissions COMPUTERS   AND GEOTECHNICS Zhang,   Qi; Zhang, Xiao-Ping 2017 3
36 Updates   to JRC-JCS model for estimating the peak shear strength of rock joints based   on quantified surface description ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Liu,   Quansheng; Tian, Yongchao; Liu, Dongfeng; Jiang, Yalong 2017 3
37 Distinction   of Crack Nature in Brittle Rock-Like Materials: A Numerical Study Based on   Moment Tensors ROCK   MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING Zhang,   Xiao-Ping; Zhang, Qi 2017 2
38 Prediction   of the Peak Shear Strength of Sandstone and Mudstone Joints Infilled with   High Water-Cement Ratio Grouts ROCK   MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING Ma,   Hao; Liu, Quansheng 2017 2
39 Design   and construction of shaft for rock caverns in Singapore GEOMECHANICS   AND ENGINEERING Zhang,   Xiao-Ping; Lu, Ming; Mao, Dawei; Zhao, Zhiye; Hao, Liu 2017 4
40 Closure   to "State-of-the-Art: Prediction of Resilient Modulus of Unsaturated   Subgrade Soils" by Zhong Han and Sai K. Vanapalli INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF GEOMECHANICS Han,   Zhong; Vanapalli, Sai K. 2017 3
41 A   combined-alpha-shape-implicit-surface approach to generate 3D random concrete   mesostructures via digital image processing, spectral representation, and   point cloud CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Huang,   Junjie; Peng, Qi; Hu, Xiaobin; Du, Yunxia 2017 2
42 Behavior   of steel fibers reinforced self-stressing and self-compacting concrete-filled   steel tube subjected to bending CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Lu,   Yiyan; Liu, Zhenzhen; Li, Shan; Li, Weijie 2017 2
43 Numerical   simulation of stress-strain behaviour of cemented paste backfill in triaxial   compression ENGINEERING   GEOLOGY Liu,   Quansheng; Liu, Dongfeng; Tian, Yongchao; Liu, Xiaoyan 2017 3
44 A   micromechanics-based gradient model and the effect of high-order stress and   particle rolling on localizations for granular materials GRANULAR   MATTER Xiu,   Chenxi; Chu, Xihua 2017 3
45 Variable-Weighted   Linear Combination Model for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: Case Study in   the Shennongjia Forestry District, China ISPRS   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GEO-INFORMATION Chen,   Wei; Han, Hongxing; Huang, Bin; Huang, Qile; Fu, Xudong 2017 4
46 Enanced   nitrogen removal in an aerobic granular sequencing batch reactor performing   simultaneous nitrification, endogenous denitrification and phosphorus removal   with low superficial gas velocity CHEMICAL   ENGINEERING JOURNAL He,   Qiulai; Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Shilu; Wang, Hongyu 2017 1
47 Biodegradation   of phenol by entrapped cell of Debaryomyces sp with nano-Fe3O4 under   hypersaline conditions INTERNATIONAL   BIODETERIORATION & BIODEGRADATION Jiang,   Yu; Deng, Tao; Shang, Yu; Yang, Kai; Wang, Hongyu 2017 3
48 Automatic   extraction of blocks from 3D point clouds of fractured rock COMPUTERS   & GEOSCIENCES Chen,   Na; Kemeny, John; Jiang, Qinghui; Pan, Zhiwen 2017 3
49 Normalizing   Variation of Stiffness and Shear Strength of Compacted Fine-Grained Soils   with Moisture Content JOURNAL   OF GEOTECHNICAL AND GEOENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING Han,   Zhong; Vanapalli, Sai K. 2017 3
50 Integrated   approaches for predicting soil-water characteristic curve and resilient   modulus of compacted fine-grained subgrade soils CANADIAN   GEOTECHNICAL JOURNAL Han,   Zhong; Vanapalli, Sai K.; Zou, Wei-lie 2017 3
51 Finite   element modeling of steel-polypropylene hybrid fiber reinforced concrete   using modified concrete damaged plasticity ENGINEERING   STRUCTURES Chi,   Yin; Yu, Min; Huang, Le; Xu, Lihua 2017 3
52 A   rigorous solution for the stability of polyhedral rock blocks COMPUTERS   AND GEOTECHNICS Jiang,   Qinghui; Zhou, Chuangbing 2017 3
53 Constructed   wetland using corncob charcoal substrate: pollutants removal and   intensification WATER   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Liu,   Mao; Li, Boyuan; Xue, Yingwen; Wang, Hongyu; Yang, Kai 2017 4
54 Deposition   of powdered activated carbon (PAC) on ultrafiltration (UF) membrane surface:   influencing factors and mechanisms JOURNAL   OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE Shao,   Senlin; Cai, Luyang; Li, Kai; Li, Jiangyun; Du, Xing; Li, Guibai; Liang, Heng 2017 1
55 A   Synthetic Material to Simulate Soft Rocks and Its Applications for Model   Studies of Socketed Piles ADVANCES   IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Mei,   Can; Fang, Qing; Luo, Haowei; Yin, Jiangang; Fu, Xudong 2017 4
56 Sorption   of heavy metal ions onto crayfish shell biochar: Effect of pyrolysis   temperature, pH and ionic strength JOURNAL   OF THE TAIWAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Xiao,   Yunlong; Xue, Yingwen; Gao, Fei; Mosa, Ahmed 2017 2
57 Evaluation   Models for the Peak Shear-Strength and Shear-Resistance Components of Rough   Rock Joints JOURNAL   OF TESTING AND EVALUATION Zhang,   X. B.; Yi, B.; Jiang, Q. H.; Feng, X. X.; Chen, N. 2017 4
58 The   effect of temperature and loading frequency on the converse piezoelectric   response of soft PZT ceramics MATERIALS   RESEARCH EXPRESS Zhu   Dapeng; Jiang Qinghui; Li Yingwei 2017 4
59 Shear   performance of steel fibers reinforced self-confinement and self-compacting   concrete-filled steel tube stub columns CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Li,   Shan; Liu, Zhenzhen; Lu, Yiyan; Zhu, Tao 2017 2
60 Chronic   responses of aerobic granules to zinc oxide nanoparticles in a sequencing   batch reactor performing simultaneous nitrification, denitrification and   phosphorus removal BIORESOURCE   TECHNOLOGY He,   Qiulai; Gao, Shuxian; Zhang, Shilu; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Hongyu 2017 1
61 Performance   and microbial population dynamics during stable operation and reactivation   after extended idle conditions in an aerobic granular sequencing batch   reactor BIORESOURCE   TECHNOLOGY He,   Qiulai; Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Shilu; Zou, Zhuocheng; Wang, Hongyu 2017 1
62 Creep   crack analysis of viscoelastic material by numerical manifold method ENGINEERING   ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS He,   Jun; Liu, Quansheng; Wu, Zhijun 2017 3
63 Removal   performance of phosphate from aqueous solution using a high-capacity sewage   sludge-based adsorbent JOURNAL   OF THE TAIWAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Jiang,   Yu; Deng, Tao; Yang, Kai; Wang, Hongyu 2017 2
64 The   research of organization optimization and overall control mechanism in   multi-projects network CLUSTER   COMPUTING-THE JOURNAL OF NETWORKS SOFTWARE TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS Yang,   Lin; Zhang, Mengping 2017 3
65 Experimental   investigation on the stress-strain behavior of steel fiber reinforced   concrete subjected to uniaxial cyclic compression CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Li,   Biao; Xu, Lihua; Chi, Yin; Huang, Biao; Li, Changning 2017 2
66 Studies   of malachite green adsorption on covalently functionalized   Fe3O4@SiO2-graphene oxides core-shell magnetic microspheres JOURNAL   OF SOL-GEL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Zhang,   Jing; Liu, Mao; Liu, Zhijie; Yang, Tao; He, Qiulai; Yang, Kai; Wang, Hongyu 2017 3
67 New   Rock Bolt Model and Numerical Implementation in Numerical Manifold Method INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF GEOMECHANICS Wei,   Wei; Jiang, Qinghui; Peng, Jun 2017 3
68 Synthesis   and characterization of a novel magnetic biochar from sewage sludge and its   effectiveness in the removal of methyl orange from aqueous solution WATER   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Zhang,   Jing; Liu, Mao; Yang, Tao; Yang, Kai; Wang, Hongyu 2017 4
69 Decision-making   model based vertical transportation channel for super high-rise construction   waste CLUSTER   COMPUTING-THE JOURNAL OF NETWORKS SOFTWARE TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS Yang,   Lin; He, YaBo; Li, Yichen; Zhang, Mengping 2017 3
70 Removal   of fluoride from aqueous solution by TiO2-based composites JOURNAL   OF THE TAIWAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Liang,   Shuhao; Xue, Yingwen; Gao, Bin; Yang, Kai 2017 2
71 A   modified numerical manifold method for simulation of finite deformation   problem APPLIED   MATHEMATICAL MODELLING Wei,   Wei; Jiang, Qinghui 2017 1
72 Study   on the Damping of the Discontinuous Deformation Analysis Based on Two-Block   Model MATHEMATICAL   PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING Feng,   Xixia; Jiang, Qinghui; Wu, Aiqing; Wei, Wei; Zhang, Xiaobo 2017 4
73 The   Combined Effects of Environmental Conditioning and Sustained Load on   Mechanical Properties of Wet Lay-Up Fiber Reinforced Polymer POLYMERS Li,   Shan; Hu, Jiyue; Ren, Huitao 2017 2
74 Design   and analysis of a 1-ton prototype of the Jinping Neutrino Experiment NUCLEAR   INSTRUMENTS & METHODS IN PHYSICS RESEARCH SECTION A-ACCELERATORS   SPECTROMETERS DETECTORS AND ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT Wang,   Zongyi; Wang, Yuanqing; Wang, Zhe; Chen, Shaomin; Du, Xinxi; Zhang,   Tianxiong; Guo, Ziyi; Yuan, Huanxin 2017 4
75 Rapid   formation of aniline-degrading aerobic granular sludge and investigation of   its microbial community succession JOURNAL   OF CLEANER PRODUCTION Jiang,   Yu; Wei, Li; Yang, Kai; Shi, Xueqing; Wang, Hongyu 2017 1
76 A   novel heterogeneous system for sulfate radical generation through sulfite   activation on a CoFe2O4 nanocatalyst surface JOURNAL   OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Liu,   Zizheng; Yang, Shaojie; Yuan, Yanan; Xu, Jing; Zhu, Yifan; Li, Jinjun; Wu,   Feng 2017 1
77 Presence   of an adsorbent cake layer improves the performance of gravity-driven   membrane (GDM) filtration system WATER   RESEARCH Shao,   Senlin; Feng, Yijing; Yu, Huarong; Li, Jiangyun; Li, Guibai; Liang, Heng 2017 1
78 Insight   into the impact of ZnO nanoparticles on aerobic granular sludge under shock   loading CHEMOSPHERE He,   Qiulai; Yuan, Zhe; Zhang, Jing; Zhang, Shilu; Zhang, Wei; Zou, Zhuocheng;   Wang, Hongyu 2017 2
79 Numerical   modelling of FRP-reinforced masonry walls under in-plane seismic loading CONSTRUCTION   AND BUILDING MATERIALS Zhang,   Si; Yang, Dongmin; Sheng, Yong; Garrity, Stephen W.; Xu, Lihua 2017 2
80 The   use of potassium permanganate, ozone and associated coupled processes for   odor removal in drinking water: bench and pilot scale tests JOURNAL   OF WATER SUPPLY RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY-AQUA He,   Qiulai; Wang, Hongyu; Zhong, Lin; Yang, Kai; Zou, Zhuocheng 2017 4
81 Elucidation   of microbial characterization of aerobic granules in a sequencing batch   reactor performing simultaneous nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus   removal at varying carbon to phosphorus ratios BIORESOURCE   TECHNOLOGY He,   Qiulai; Zhou, Jun; Song, Qun; Zhang, Wei; Wang, Hongyu; Liu, Li 2017 1
82 Synthesis,   characterization and mechanism analysis of modified crayfish shell biochar   possessed ZnO nanoparticles to remove trichloroacetic acid JOURNAL   OF CLEANER PRODUCTION Long,   Li; Xue, Yingwen; Zeng, Yifan; Yang, Kai; Lin, Chuanjing 2017 1
83 Removal   of fluoride from aqueous solution by TiO2 and TiO2-SiO2 nanocomposite CHEMICAL   SPECIATION AND BIOAVAILABILITY Zeng,   Yifan; Xue, Yingwen; Liang, Shuhao; Zhang, Jiaqi 2017 4
84 Entropy-Based   Optimal Sensor Placement for Model Identification of Periodic Structures   Endowed with Bolted Joints COMPUTER-AIDED   CIVIL AND INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING Yin,   Tao; Yuen, Ka-Veng; Lam, Heung-Fai; Zhu, Hong-ping 2017 1
85 Study   of the critical velocity in tunnels with longitudinal ventilation and spray   systems FIRE   SAFETY JOURNAL Tang,   Z.; Liu, Y. J.; Yuan, J. P.; Fang, Z. 2017 4
86 Phase-field   simulation of magnetic hysteresis and mechanically induced remanent   magnetization rotation in Ni-Mn-Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloy SCRIPTA   MATERIALIA Peng,   Qi; Huang, Junjie; Chen, Mingxiang; Sun, Qingping 2017 2
87 Temperature-Accelerated   Strength Development in Stabilized Marine Soils as Road Construction   Materials JOURNAL   OF MATERIALS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING Wang,   DX ; Zentar, R; Abriak, NE 2017 4
88 Stress-Dependent   Behavior of Artificially Structured and Reconstituted Marine Soils INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF GEOMECHANICS Wang,   DX ; Abriak, NE; Zentar, R 2017 3